Plastic surgery

Plastic surgery is field of medical science associated with correcting the form and function of a body part. Greek word “plastikos” has the origin of this procedure which means fit to mould.

Reconstruction and cosmetic are two aspects of plastic surgery. when a tumour has been resected, the resulting defect is covered with a flap , it is a plastic surgery. Cosmetic surgery is usually done to improve self-confidence and enhance apparent beauty.

The normal body structure like nose, cheek, chin etc may be reconstructed surgically or non surgically in order to obtain the desired shape. Candidates who opt for cosmetic surgery must carry a positive outlook and a realistic attitude to see desired changes in self image. Its purpose should solely be a higher self esteem and it should never be a sought as a way to impress anyone or change yourself as others expects you to look.Treatment of burns, microsurgery and hand surgery are some other types of plastic surgery.